GBHS Barn & Yard Sale on June 26 was a big hit. Free lavender is still available!

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The GB Historical Society’s first multi-family Barn/Yard sale of the year was a big success. It was held on Saturday, June 26 on the Museum grounds at 817 South Main Street (Route 7) in Great Barrington. Please watch this space for our next sale happening soon.

As you can see in the picture above this article on the home page, the lavender is ready for cutting. Lavender was very important in the Colonial period. It was often planted along a walkway or path so ladies in their long dresses could brush up against it as they passed.

It was also spread along the floor of their homes as a deodorizer. Valuable in the medicine chest, it was used to relieve headaches, calm nerves, ease menstrual problems, cure acne, insect bites, dizziness, memory loss, and melancholy. Feel free to bring your scissors and take some home.

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