Cherished 20th Century Photographers: Aigner, Tassone, and Victor

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Lucien Aigner


Lucien Aigner is widely considered a pioneer photojournalist who took photographs of famous figures throughout Europe, including Albert Einstein. In the early 1950’s he settled in the Berkshires, and opened and maintained a portrait studio in Great Barrington for the next 20 years. He was very active in the community. In the 1990’s, the second floor hallway of the Town Hall was named the Lucien Aigner Gallery.


Marie Tassone

In 1989, Marie Tassone was named Great Barrington’s “Photographer Laureate.” Since 1936, Marie and her husband Domenic operated a photography studio in the Berkshires. Her vast collection of photos of everyday events and special occasions chronicle the people and the town’s history. The GB Historical Society is proud to be the recipient and gatekeeper of her life’s work.



Don Victor

“Don’t worry. There’s no film in the camera!” That was Don Victor’s favorite expression as he took pictures of everyday life in the Berkshires. If anything was happening in the town of Great Barrington, Don was there to record it. He was well-known, trusted, and beloved by all in town. We were indeed fortunate to see ourselves through his lens.