Fall, 2023: GBHS second floor & summer kitchen renovation continues

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Second floor south-facing storage room contains lots of shelves for the Society’s many books to be transferred from Ramsdell.

Thanks to the $75,000 grant from the Jane and Jack Fitzpatrick Trust, restoration and renovation work continues, aimed at finishing the first floor of the Museum, adding temperature and humidity control throughout the building, and creating a library on the second level.


The south-facing room upstairs (at left) has had a total makeover including new plaster on walls and ceiling and installation of wooden shelves. The transformation has created a clean and comfortable space that will enable many of our books presently in storage at the Ramsdell Library to finally be accessible.


Second floor library with desk and shelves is being finished for archival research.

The summer kitchen area is also being renovated. Thanks to a Community Preservation Act grant, a handicap accessible bathroom and new kitchen cabinets, counters, and sink were created. Now the renovation has been created from floor to ceiling. This summer kitchen spaces houses the director’s office and two bathrooms.¬†Also included will be a desk dedicated for public research use.


Summer kitchen conversion to administrative area


Walls have been stripped of the crumbling plaster down to the original 18th century hand-cut lathe work. During the process, the old brick chimney has been rediscovered. Insulation on the outside wall was added and the original lathe was retained before plastering.


Woodwork is being prepared for a new finish and the floors were stripped down to the original wood flooring to bring them back to life. Attention to historical detail is paramount in the process. Please step in any Saturday or Sunday to watch the transformation!