Become a GB Historical Society Legacy Member and make a lasting difference

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What is your legacy? Do you have a desire to make a lasting difference? You are a part of our town’s history. Be part of our effort to ensure that our town’s historical heritage is collected, preserved, protected, and shared with future generations.

Join with others who are becoming cherished Historical Society Legacy Members. As you explore your estate planning, please consider a gift to the Great Barrington Historical Society. By planning your charitable contribution to the Society now, you’ll protect your valuable assets by reducing or eliminating estate and income tax burdens on your family. And by informing us of your designation, you’ll be included and recognized as a Legacy Member.

There are many ways to plan your charitable contribution. The GBHS is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity, ID #042650251. A gift of funds or property in your will would be gratefully appreciated. If you have an IRA or retirement plan, life insurance policy, or payable-on-death savings, checking or investment account, please consider naming the Great Barrington Historical Society on your Beneficiary Designation Form. It’s easy to do and there are no legal fees. By planning ahead, the funds you designate as a charitable contribution will go directly to the Society, thereby reducing your family’s tax burden.

By including the Great Barrington Historical Society in your estate planning, we will truly be “Making History Together.”