Spring Reconstruction Update: Privy Exterior & Dutch Wagon House Floor

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Winter didn’t stop reconstruction of the privy and the Dutch Wagon House at the Great Barrington Historical Society’s Museum at the Wheeler Farmstead. Our contractor Scott Morrison and his helper Levi are pictured on the home page putting the finishing touches on the privy’s roof insulation and sheathing.


View of Insulation and sheathing on the privy’s exterior before finishing.

The metal roof that covers the Wagon House will be added later this spring. All the insulation work was done to the exterior of the building so that the privy’s interior would be left in its original state. A coat of matching paint will be applied as soon as the weather allows.


Finished floor installation in the Dutch Wagon House continues.

Work also continues on the inside of the Wagon House as our finished floor is being installed by carpenter Ron Shaw. No easy task at the edges, as he has to fit very carefully those boards next to the rock wall foundation. Once completely installed, the floor will receive a light sanding, a coat of polyurethane, and our bowling alley wax!