March 2020 – Museum interior improvements update

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Sink & antique mirror in handicap-accessible bathroom


Lots of progress has been made on the Museum’s interior since our last report. We now have a working handicap-accessible bathroom, thanks to funding from a Community Preservation Act grant.


Work now extends to the east wall of the current office area, which will soon include a greatly-needed kitchen area. New plaster work will repair the wall, and cabinets and sink will be installed to replace the former kitchen that was removed to create the handicap-accessible bathroom.


Fortunately, stripping the wall’s old plaster uncovered the original hand-split lath work from the 18th century (see photo on home page). After the wall is insulated and the necessary electrical work is completed, it will be closed up. However, a section of the colonial-era lath work will remain exposed for historical purposes. In addition, the frame of an original window originally removed by Mr. Mullaney (the last owner of the Wheeler House before its sale to the Society) on the same wall will be viewable. Both features will have protective plastic covers.

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