When can we open the Museum? Here’s what we know.

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According to Massachusetts guidelines, museums may be open to the public in Phase 3 of the state’s recovery plan, which is scheduled to occur on Monday, July 6th. The date could be moved back if our COVID-19 statistics begin to rise. We’ll definitely keep you posted!

Meanwhile, rest assured that the Society will be following all cleaning/disinfecting guidelines to provide a safe environment for our visitors when we reopen. Since the number of visitors to the Museum rarely exceeds two to four people at a time, we will be well within social distancing rules. Wearing a mask will be an important requirement for our volunteers and our visitors. Hope to see you there soon!

To whet your appetite for the time visitors will be welcomed back to the farmstead, here’s some background on the newly repaired and painted red barn that contains our Book Nook and Dollar Barn sale areas.

The newly repaired and painted big red barn features a bigger Book Nook and a redesigned Dollar Barn.

Gary Leveille, the Society’s archivist as well as local author and historian, is a man of even more talents. He not only made extensive repairs to the big red barn’s siding (which was rotted and smashed in numerous places), he also made carpentry improvements inside the separate antiques barn, opening up a section of it for more display space. In addition, Gary also redesigned the Dollar Barn interior in the big barn and built new shelving for it.

GBHS board member Robert Tepper did carpentry work and built shelves in the antiques barn. Gary also cleaned out debris from the Dutch Wagon House adjoining the farmhouse, and he and Robert expanded the Book Nook (also in the big barn) and redesigned its interior.

In the farmhouse, you’ll see the newly-converted handicap-accessible bathroom (which is now complete) and a beautiful cabinetry unit with soapstone sink and countertops in the summer kitchen to provide the Museum with room for making refreshments during events. For more changes, please read the article entitled Befores & Afters at the GBHS Museum & Farmstead, next to this one on the home page.

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